Financial, academic, and wellness counseling are all available through FSU programs. Photo by USDA via Flickr.


When you want to accomplish a goal, it’s best to accept support from those who offer it rather than try to succeed all on your own. The same goes for college. Students take on many new responsibilities during college, but they don’t have to face them alone. Florida State University (FSU) offers a multitude of resources to students to help them handle things like finances, health, stress management, involvement, career preparation, and grades. There are also many FSU clubs and organizations dedicated to student interests. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful resources available at FSU to be a successful student.


Financial Aid:

  • FSU Office of Financial Aid: Graduating from college opens up exciting career and lifestyle opportunities, but it also sometimes leaves graduates with mountains of debt. The staff at the FSU Office of Financial Aid helps students approach paying for college in the most responsible way possible. Whether you need help applying for a scholarship, filling out grant paperwork, getting involved in a work-study program, or setting up a tuition payment plan, they can help!


  • Federal Work Study (FWS): FWS is a need-based program that enables students to earn money to help meet college costs and personal expenses while enrolled in at least six credit hours. FWS positions ensure that your work schedule won’t interfere with your class schedule. Information on how to apply, find a job, and apply the funds can be found on FSU’s work study webpage.



  • Advising First: The Advising First program, part of the Division of Undergraduate Studies, strategically places professional academic advisors and success coaches to serve students within academic units. The advisors are there to help you have a smooth experience from freshman to senior year. If you aren’t sure what classes to take or are considering changing your major, they’ll help you work through it. There are Advising First centers established throughout the university where students can seek out one-on-one counseling, attend events, or set up an appointment.


  • Academic Center for Excellence (ACE): Need a tutor, homework help, or study tips?ACE helps all undergraduate students at Florida State University develop the study skills and personal success habits they need to succeed academically. With their help, you’ll have a better chance at acing your exams and keeping a high GPA.


  • Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE): According to College Factual, FSU has a 93% freshman retention rate. FSU also reports a 96% four-year success and progress rate. CARE has helped FSU reach this above-average retention rate. CARE provides both pre-collegiate and collegiate programs of recruitment, preparation, enrichment, orientation, academic support, counseling, and advocacy that are targeted primarily to first-generation college students.


Engagement and Involvement:

  • Center for Leadership and Social Change: The center is a student, faculty, and staff resource for leadership learning, service opportunities, and social justice education on Florida State’s campus. Their mission is to transform lives through leadership education, identity development, and community engagement. Students interested in positively impacting their community or gaining community service hours can get involved in any of the center’s more than 40 programs. Opportunities for involvement include one-time events and semester-long commitments.


Dunlap Center Building Exterior on FSU campus

The Center for Leadership and Social Change is located in the Dunlap Student Success Center on campus. Photo by SeminoleNation via Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 4.0


  • Garnet and Gold Scholar Society: The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society facilitates involvement and recognizes the engaged, well-rounded student who excels within and beyond the classroom in the areas of leadership, internship, service, international, and research. Students who demonstrate involvement in at least three categories are invited to apply and will be recognized at graduation. Membership in this society is a great qualification to add to your resume.


Health and Wellness:

  • FSU Campus Recreation: Campus Rec provides students with a variety of activities, events, and resources for fitness and overall health. It acts as the hub for all fitness-related activities and provides guidance on how to get involved. Work out at the Leach Center, join a sports club or intramural team, reconnect with nature through outdoor adventures at the FSU Reservation, and more.


  • University Health Services (UHS): FSU’s fully accredited primary care facility provides a full range of medical services and outreach programs. Something as small as the common cold can be hard to deal with while you’re away from home. The doctors and nurses at UHS will take care of you. They offer clinical services, women’s care, psychiatry, allergy treatment, immunizations, and other services you’d expect to receive from a primary care facility.


  • University Counseling Center (UCC): TheUCC provides confidential mental health counseling services and prevention programming to FSU students free of charge. Maintaining a healthy and positive mental state is essential to the success of any student. If you’ve felt overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, or just not your usual self, consider making a free appointment with the UCC.


Career Planning:

  • Career Center: Looking for a job is a process that should start well before graduation. Preparing your resume, searching for employers, and preparing for interviews takes time. There are tons of resources and friendly staffers at the FSU Career Center to help you begin your job search. They’ll teach you the best way to format your resume and the most effective way to conduct yourself during an interview to get hired. Their positive criticism could help you kick-start the career you’ve worked very hard for.


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